Mutual Fund Performance – Alternatives With Better Risk – Reward


Mutual Fund Performance – Alternatives With Better Risk – Reward
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Home>> Finance Investing Performance> Mutual Funds – an alternative with better risk – Mutual Fund Performance Rewards – best alternative to Risk – Reward Posted: September 21, 2006 | Comments: 0 | Views:. 635 |]]> Can you make good profits in stocks and mutual funds Well, the facts that suggest depth and the risk reward is against you If it does not then, long ago .

Wed investment funds are just a bad investment and oil prices choking economic growth in the short term future is bleak.



Let the facts.

1 90% of investment funds have a performance that not even beat the index

2 Those who do, consider a mutual fund performance as good 10% +. add to inflation and not let you lot.

3 Lower the risk is high and many investment funds may fall by 30% and some even more

4 The Investment Funds That Do evil, they just disappear and one with a short-term history is in place and if it fails, is replaced.

5 Mutual funds are selling organizations and the sales patter always sounds great but if you wrote one and asked to aggregate of all managed funds you may not get a response

6 Make the investment funds to go bankrupt they lose money ? No, still have their fees for the realization is not a problem.

Sun, the reality is more than 10 years but if you make double figures consistently, that is good in terms of performance of mutual funds not, if good you’re interested in creating wealth.

best return on investment (if lucky enough to get it) will not make you rich so what are the alternatives?

First, you can find a better implementation investments with lower downside risk and not have to give your money blindly to a fund manager to lose.

Do a little research and reports -. I can not take much effort and is a better investment

A better alternative

A great investment is land. You can never have considered it, but its low price, easy to make it low risk and can make big profits quickly.

You do not need inside information or even to do a lot of work , but you will be able to get a better growth than the best performance of mutual funds.

A great investment on earth is

Costa Rica. Land prices have been increasing year after year and many investors are doubling their investment in just a couple of years and that is far ahead of the best mutual fund performance.

Why is the increase in hours value

While the reasons are simple and compelling

Costa Rica is just 3 flight from the USA and the property is 70% cheaper and so are living costs.


in record numbers to buy properties here to improve their lifestyle and these properties should be built on land In fact, investment is at record levels.

Why this bull will makret

land bought in the way of the influx of new buyers can sell quickly, great benefits and this bull market will continue. “Why?

With 70 million baby boomers retiring in the next 15 years, and most can not maintain their lifestyles means it will continue to go to Costa Rica for the good life at a cost much lower than in the U.S. can get.

Overland here and you can beat the best performing mutual confidence and less risk.

We do not have space here to explain all the advantages Such as tax efficiency and ease of purchase, but if you look at the facts you’ll see why this is a much better investment to create long term wealth even the better funds.

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]]> Questions and Answers Ask our experts on issues related to its investment here … Ask to 200 characters left What are the main investment funds perform what are the risks of investment funds is I can generate enough income with a dividend of 6% and not have to touch the capital. Why do I need more of a mutual fund. I found bond funds that pay a 6% + rate this article 1 2 3 4 5 vote (s) 0 vote (s) Comments Print Republish 0) {ch_selected = Math.floor (Math.random () * ch_queries.length), if (== ch_selected ch_queries.length) ch_selected -; ch_query = ch_queries [ch_selected];}} catch (e) {document.title = ch_query ;}]]> Source : / investing-articles/mutual-fund-performance-alternatives-with-better-risk-reward-57580.html Article Tags: investment, low risk investment, high productivity, growth capital, alternative investments, mutual funds, mutual fund alternative Related Articles Related Videos Recent investments Sacha Tarkovsky articles More Common Mistakes of mutual investment fund

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In an interview with CNBC-TV18 Vivek Law, the Kartik Varma, co-founder of iTrust and a well-known financial planner, spoke about how to evaluate the performance of your mutual fund.