Vanguard Mutual Funds

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What Are Vanguard Mutual Funds?

The Vanguard mutual fund family is one of the most famous and popular investment institutions throughout the world. The company owns combined assets of worth more than $1.6 trillion. There are more than 9 million shareholders of the company and it is one of the largest investment companies with a professional employee base. The company was started in 1975 in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and they have global offices around the world.

According to the Vanguard mutual funds reviews, these are one of the best performing mutual funds throughout the world. There are wide varieties of investment options available for individual investors including exchange traded funds, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and different non-Vanguard funds. There are as many as 529 investment plans available in Vanguard mutual funds ranking list and there are suitable investment plans available for retirement, college, and different investment requirements. There are more than 170 options in domestic mutual funds and 40 different plans for international investors.

Vanguard Mutual Funds

Fee Structure of Vanguard Mutual Funds

The Vanguard mutual funds fees structure is comparatively much cheaper than any other investment company. When we compare the operating expenses of the company, Vanguard mutual funds expenses are on the low end of the expense list. Vanguard has 47% of its assets invested in domestic market which is the reason of its high stability in a highly fluctuating investment market. The funds have done well in past 5 years with an average return of more than 4.5 percent.

If you are planning to invest in best Vanguard mutual funds then it is wise to understand their fees structure. An individual has to make a minimum investment of $3,000 for getting started and you would be happy to know that the funds offered by Vanguard are no-load funds. One of the most important key features of these funds is called Vanguard mutual fund performance, and attracts lots of investors. Most of the experienced investors are very well aware of the impact of mutual funds fees over a long period of time and how these fees can affect their overall growth and total return on investment.

Top Rate Vanguard Mutual Funds

When it comes to the Vanguard mutual fund family, Vanguard 500 index fund is considered as the cornerstone of the family. It is one of the largest mutual funds in the world with total asset value of more than $109 billion. Wellington fund is another major attraction in mutual funds list, and it is also the first mutual fund established in Vanguard. Some of the most preferred and well known funds in Vanguard mutual funds family are discussed below.

Vanguard Wellington Inv is worth more than $57 billion and these stocks are wide spread among the energy sector, financial services, healthcare, and industries. It is a no-load fund with average returns of 5.97% or more.

Vanguard Wellesley Income Inv holds assets with a value of more than $21 billion and the major area of investment of the fund is in stocks and bonds. An individual can start investment in this fund for minimum amount of $3,000 with an average return of 6.90%.

Vanguard Dividend Growth Inv has over $5 billion of assets and the main area of investment of this fund is in industrial area and consumer defense service. This fund is of no-load nature and yields an average return of 5.70%.
These are some of the top rate Vanguard mutual funds ratings to look out for and with a better knowledge about the company; you will be able to invest in the fund best suited to your needs.

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