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Home> Finance> Banks> The truth about investing in mutual funds truth about investing in mutual funds Posted: May 27, 2010 | Comments: <]]> Wed “Investors get returns on time are much lower than those reported by mutual fund companies in fact, not even a close race..”

/ p> This is the conclusion DALBAR, Inc., | 0 The respected independent investment research firm in 2010 DALBAR Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior.

Over the past 20 years, until December 31, 2009, “capital investment led the way to earn annualized return on that beat inflation. “The average yield was 3:17 percent per year – slightly more than the inflation rate for this period

Asset investors and assigned revenues were not so lucky (if you can call that” luck “). . They lost ground after adjusting for inflation

Why most investors not come to receive the benefits touted in the brochures of mutual funds There are plenty of reasons for this They are:?.

/ p> investors Trap # 1: “Investors are impatient and irrational” and “always buying and selling decisions in the worst possible times,” according to DALBAR, a finding supported by many experts in the emerging field of behavioral finance.

investors Trap 2: You can get a 25 percent “average annual return” for years and still does not make a dime, or even lose money This is because the smoke and mirrors Wall! . Street magicians have been using to fool the eye for decades Do not take my word for it – sets out the investment funds “rate of return” myth “in: of-return-on-a-bank-on-plan.html yourself

investors Trap # 3: If you are investing in mutual funds within a 401 (k) fees can “eat up their half income within not 30 years, “an exhibition of 60 minutes. Moreover, most people are aware that employers are taking risky decisions about how to invest your money in your 401 (k) to you without your knowledge or approval. And automatically move your money in hedge funds charge too.

This courtesy of the Pension Protection Act of 2006th Makes you wonder who they’re trying to protect! Knowledge is power, so we urge you to learn what the government and your employer are not telling you about your 401 (k)

investors Trap 4. Taxes, taxes and more taxes Nothing we have discussed so far takes into account the wealth effect -the destruction of taxes. If you’re like most Americans, most of their savings in tax-deferred accounts like 401 (k) s. Tax payments later is one of the great resources of these plans. But what meaning you think tax rates will in the long term? If, like most people, you think that taxes will rise, and succeed in growing a nest egg, it’s only going to pay more taxes in a large number

conclusion is that most people trust their financial investment in a game with rules that Do Not Understand and have no control. No wonder the Most Americans have no confidence to be able to Achieve their financial goals and dreams.

This is why the Bank itself must be part of the financial base of nearly ave It gives you a guaranteed growth in both good times and bad, as well as predictability and control.

The value of a plan of the bank itself is going in one direction. Above Both capital and profits are locked, giving peace of mind for retirement planning because you can know the amount of revenue that could have every year in retirement (guaranteed), and for how long will it be able to . may be considered without income tax consequences, if you do take well, under current tax law. can

So use your cash value policy to inject the capital in a business or Necessary to help you through difficult times . Whatever your financial goals long term or short term and dreams are, you may be surprised to see how many from the bank itself can help to achieve.


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