Is Fidelity Still the Leader in Mutual Funds?

From the look of things, Fidelity is still the leader in mutual funds. If you are looking for a great investment company then Fidelity is it. They are really good at buying shares back and using it to invest in diversified sercurities of other companies. I mean you get a really return on your money.

We all know about the economy is bad at this time and handling your money, your investments shall I say, your retirement, 401′s all of this is really important. One has to make wise decisions and study the economy before making rash decisions. But if it’s your time to investment I say start with Fidelity, look at the “fixed” options due to the economy and then make your move. If you are already invested – just hold still and don’t make any sudden changes – see how this whole economy thing turns out first with the debt ceiling and so forth.

As one knows investment returns and principal values will fluctuate but for the most part Fidelity has it going on. To give you an example of the price history–on average for 12 months, the price ranged from 41 – 57 and on average monthly prices could have or will range from 54 – 57. So study carefully and make wise decisions.